Using URLs to Access Data

The AccuRev Web UI allows direct access to AccuRev data and views via a customized URL. The purpose of these URLs is to define an AccuRev operation and one or more AccuRev objects to act upon, in URL format.

Data which can be accessed in this manner includes:

  • AccuRev elements
  • AccuWork queries and issues
  • AccuRev element views, including:

    • Comparisons between versions of AccuRev elements (Diff Tool)
    • Annotations of an AccuRev element (Annotate Tool)
    • Versions of an AccuRev element (Version Browser)
    • Listings in the File Browser (including searches such as Default Group)
    • History of one or more AccuRev elements (History Browser)

These URLs can be sent via e-mail or inserted on a web page external to the Web UI. When the URL is clicked, the resulting AccuRev data is displayed. (If you are not logged in to the AccuRev Web UI when you click the URL, you will be prompted to do so.)

Note: URLs conform to the case sensitivity of the current AccuRev Server.

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