AccuSync Compared to AccuBridge

AccuSync is AccuRev’s second-generation tool for integrating AccuWork with issue tracking systems from Atlassian, ALM and IBM. The following table summarizes some of the main differences between the AccuSync and AccuBridge families of integration tools.

Feature AccuSync AccuBridge
Installation Installation wizard with graphic and console user interfaces. Manual installation of compressed files.
  • Web user interface for all configuration and set-up activities.
  • Default configurations for ALM, ClearQuest, and JIRA.
  • For most ITSs, an AccuSync plugin that automatically adds custom fields to ITS screens.
  • Manual editing of XML files.
  • Configurations must be specified manually.
  • No plug-ins available to help with required ITS customizations.
Synchronization Fully bidirectional (two-way) issue synchronization, with the ability to specify one-way synchronization on a per-field basis. One-way only (changes to issues made in your ITS are reflected in AccuWork)