Known Issues

This section describes known issues in AccuSync and available workarounds:

JiraProjectName field Unicode limitations

The JiraProjectName field only supports Unicode characters that can be typed in from the keyboard.

Setting up connection to ClearQuest is showing warning message on AccuSync

While connecting to ClearQuest, a message is displayed Initialization of CLEARQUEST connection failed. Click OK to proceed.

AccuSync.pdf first page shows rectangular with patches

Due to document template issue two unnecessary small white bars are visible on the cover page of the AccuSync.pdf file, impacting the look to a certain extent.

QC string is shown in AccuSync console & Logs instead it should be shown as ALM

The entire code base reflects the old name QC, whereas the application has a new name, ALM.

Old issues in Atlassian JIRA refer to old host name in AccuWorkKey and AccuWorkIssueLink fields

Old issues created in Atlassian JIRA retain the old Host Name. Even after changing the host name, old Issues in Atlassian JIRA refer to old host name in AccuWorkKey and AccuWorkIssueLink fields, but the synchronization of the issues occurs in the new server.

  • Atlassian JIRA issues created after changing the host name do not have any issue identity. So the new host name is not updated in Atlassian JIRA.
  • Atlassian JIRA issues created before changing the host name still point to the old Host Name in AccuWorkKey and AccuWorkIssueLink.

Old JiraKey synchronized to AccuRev not getting updated

Switching project in JIRA of an already synchronized issue and synchronizing back to same depot shows Cross reference key error.

Workaround: Remove the JiraKey field in AccuWork, change to blank. After switching project in JIRA, for an already synced Issue and Syncing to different depot works as expected.