Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is required when the Atlassian JIRA plugin connected to AccuSync has huge data. To manage this large Atlassian JIRA data it is highly recommended, that you increase the heap space of AccuSync Service.

Steps to increase the heap size:
  1. Stop the AccuSync service & AccuSync Tomcat server from Microsoft Windows services or command prompt. See Start/stop AccuSync and Tomcat services.
  2. Navigate to the AccuSync_Installed_Location\bin folder.
  3. Open the file startup.bat for Microsoft Windows and for Linux.
  4. Edit line 6 by replacing "-Xms512m" with the value "-Xms4096m", to increase the heap size to 4GB.
  5. Navigate to AccuSync_Installed_Location\bin path in command prompt in admin mode.
  6. Start the AccuSync service manually by running startup.bat.
  7. Navigate to AccuSync_Installed_Location\tomcat\bin path in command prompt in admin mode.
  8. Start the AccuSync tomcat services manually by running startup.bat.
  9. Launch the AccuSync UI.

Note: In Microsoft Windows, starting services manually is suggested because modifying the startup.bat will not take effect with Microsoft Windows services.