Release Notes - AccuSync 2019.1

This topic describes the release highlights and fixed issues in the current release.

The latest AccuSync Jira plugin is available at the Atlassian Marketplace.

Release highlights

  • Open JDK (Zulu) is supported in this release.
  • Newer nFeed version - 5.13.8 is supported now.
  • Latest JIRA (8.1.0) is now supported.

Fixed issues

This section describes the changes and enhancements for AccuSync 2019.1.

Note: In cases where an issue is identified with two numbers, such as 36779 (1098217), the first represents the issue number in the AccuWork issue tracking system. The second, in parentheses, is the issue number in the Micro Focus SupportLine system used by Customer Care.

  • 1112745- AccuSync adds a comma to the end of data when syncing from Jira nfeed field type.

    Resolution: The issue is fixed.

  • 1116187 - AccuSync: Support for newer nFeed version - 5.13.8

    Resolution: Newer nFeed version is supported now.

  • 639669 - Open JDK (Zulu) support

    Resolution: AccuSync installer installs Zulu Open JDK instead of Oracle JDK. The version that is installed with AccuSync 2019.1 is Zulu Open JDK version 1.8.0_192.

  • 639671 - Support latest JIRA v8.1.0

    Resolution: Latest JIRA version is supported now.

  • 1097297 - SyncDefects finds all QC defects that meet the DefectMapping filter criteria, but then runs for HOURS

    Resolution: This issue is fixed.

  • 1105933 - AccuSync 2016.1 fails to connect fully to HP QC LM

    Resolution: This issue is fixed.

  • 1105272 - AccuSync appears to lose authentication after successful login - Sync fails

    Resolution: This issue is fixed.

  • 1107313 - AccuSync 2016.2-PreRelease fails to sync new JIRA Issues

    Resolution: This issue is fixed.