Running the Restore Utility

To run the restore utility:

  1. Stop the AccuSync Service
  2. Start the restore utility:
    Microsoft Windows Click Start >M All Programs > AccuSync > AccuSync Restore.
    Linux Click the AccuSync_Restore shortcut on your desktop.
    Console Navigate to the bin directory where you installed AccuSync and run the restore.bat (Microsoft Windows) or (Linux) file.

    Regardless of how you start the restore utility, AccuSync opens a console that displays a message reminding you not to start the AccuSync Services until restore is completed and the following prompt:

    Do you want to restore from the default back up directory or from the custom directory?(Y for Default and N for Custom):

  3. Type Y at the prompt and press Enter.

    Note: If you select N, you will be prompted to enter the path from where the backed up files are to be restored.

    The restore utility lists the backup and displays the prompt:
    Select the backup you want to restore:
  4. Type the number from the list and press Enter to continue.
    The restore utility restores the directory from the backup directory.
  5. Restart the AccuSync Service. See Start/stop AccuSync and Tomcat services .