Release Notes - AccuSync 2018.1

The following issues have been addressed in version 2018.1:

  • 1110809 - Invalid characters in XML from Atlassian JIRAis causing sync failure without any error message

    Resolution: Atlassian JIRA and AccuWork sync failed due to corruption caused by some UNICODE characters, no error message was displayed, which led to confusion. This issue has been rectified now.

  • 1105038 - Sync failure issue record continued to grew in size in the database inspite of deletion from the AccuSync Management Console UI

    Resolution: Sync failure issues now get deleted from the database too on hitting the Delete button in the AccuSync Management Console UI.

  • 631677 - Installer fixes required for seamless upgrade for 32-/64-bit

    Resolution: Backup and removing old Tomcat web server files and its references, updating garbage collection and services.

  • 631678 - Tomcat web server upgrade to version 8.5.23

    Resolution: AccuSync now supports Apache Tomcat web server version 8.5.23.

  • 631679 - JRE upgrade

    Resolution: JRE version has been upgraded to 1.8 v152.