Release Notes - AccuSync 2018.2

The following sections describe what's new and fixed issues in version 2018.2.

Release highlights

This release of AccuSync adds support for the following:

  • Rally and Remedy are deprecated in this release.
  • AccuSync X86 (32-bit) installer is deprecated in this release.
  • Fixes for the issue “Sync of cloned JIRA issue will cause overwrite of AccuWork issue" are provided.

Fixed issues

The following issues have been addressed in version 2018.2:

  • 1113765 - Sync of cloned Atlassian JIRA issue causes an overwrite of AccuWork issue

    Resolution: Fixed.

  • 1106153 - NullPointerException (NPE) thrown when clicking Reload multiple times in the main page

    Resolution: Fixed.

  • 1113432 - CPK History in Atlassian JIRA is not sorted by Transaction ID

    Resolution: Fixed.

  • 1108111 - The date shown in the Atlassian JIRA Issue Link field is incorrect

    Resolution: The JIRA issue link field date displayed a default date in AccuWork. This has been handled in this release.

  • 1108270 - AccuSync should be released as a 64-bit application

    Resolution: From this release onwards, AccuSync 64-bit installer is available.

  • 636058 - Plugin Support for Atlassian JIRA 7.8.x

    Resolution: In this release, the Atlassian JIRA plugin supports up to, and including, Atlassian JIRA Data Center 7.12.1.