What Gets Installed

A successful installation results in the following files and directories being created in the installation directory you specify:
_AccuSync_installation Contains files used to uninstall AccuSync and logs of AccuSync installations.
backup Contains files used to create the default configurations for supported ITSs.
bin Contains startup, backup, and restore utilities.
conf Contains a configuration file used internally by AccuSync.
db Contains the AccuSync database, including configuration settings, watermarks, and errors
defaultAccuWorkSchema Contains default AccuWork schema for supported ITSs.
doc Contains AccuSync user documentation.
import Contains files used to create the default configurations for supported ITSs.
jiraPlugin Contains the AccuSync plugins required for JIRA installations.
jre Contains the Java Platform, Standard Edition Runtime Environment.
lib Contains AccuSync .JAR files, including those used by the custom transformer.
plugins Contains plugins for supported ITSs.
sdk Contains source code and documentation directories that help you use the AccuSync API to develop custom configurations.
tomcat Contains the Apache Tomcat server for AccuSync.
transformers Contains AccuSync transformers.
userTransformersSampleProject Contains a sample Java project you can use to create custom transformers.
www Contains the accusync.war file used by the Tomcat Server.
version.txt A text file stating the AccuSync version.

What to Do Next

If you are installing AccuSync for the first time, verify that the AccuSync Services are running or start them, as needed. Go to Start/stop AccuSync and Tomcat services.