AccuSync Configuration Components

The following table summarizes the individual components that can comprise an AccuSync Configuration.

Note: Required components are predefined in default AccuSync Configurations.

Component Description Required
Connection Each AccuSync Configuration has two connection components: one for AccuWork, and one for the ITS. In addition to connection properties, the connection component identifies the AccuRev depot and ITS project whose issues the AccuSync Configuration will synchronize. Yes
Mapping Definition Describes which types of issues (defects or tasks, for example) will be synchronized and, for that issue type, which AccuWork and ITS fields will be synchronized. Yes. Typically one for each type of issue being synchronized.
Synchronization Pattern Specifies how often AccuSync will perform the synchronization task specified by the associated mapping definition, and whether that synchronization is one-way or two-way. An AccuSync Configuration can have multiple synchronization patterns. Yes. Typically one for each type of issue being synchronized.
Field Mapping A field mapping is a matched pair of AccuWork and ITS issue fields that you want to synchronize (Assigned To and Owner, for example). One or more field mappings are organized within a mapping definition. Yes
Mapping Group A table that contains the valid values for the same field in different systems. One system might define the values 1, 2, and 3 for a Priority field, while the other system might use Blocking, Important, and Moderate, for example. Mapping groups are always associated with a field mapping when valid values for a field vary across systems. No. Required only if valid values for a field differ across systems
Transformers A utility that AccuSync uses to convert data from one format to another during synchronization. No
Filters A utility AccuSync uses to identify which issue records to include in, or omit from, synchronization tasks. No

To see how the default configuration components are defined, see the configuration reference section for your ITS: