Add AccuWork Fields to Your ITS Schema

Once you have modified AccuWork as described in the preceding steps, you need to:

  • Add the AccuWork fields in the following table to your ITS schema.
  • Ensure that these fields are not editable by your ITS users wherever they are displayed

Specific procedures vary from one ITS to another, but they typically involve adding a custom field to the ITS schema and then making that field read-only or hidden in views that allow users to modify other fields like Description or Comment, for example. Custom fields added to your ITS schema must use the field name and type shown here:

Field Name Type Description
AccuWorkKey Text Stores the unique alphanumeric key for each AccuWork issue record.
AccuWorkIssueLink Attachment Stores the URL that your ITS users can use to open a web browser and display the artifact in the AccuRev Web UI.
AccuWorkChangePackage Text Stores summary AccuWork issue change package information.
AccuWorkChangePackageHistory Text Stores detailed AccuWork issue change package information.

Note: The Label column has been left empty. Consider using this column to record the name you plan to use for the field’s label when displaying issue record data in your ITS.

The following sections describe considerations for each ITS supported by AccuSync.

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