Admin Details for Configuration Page

The Admin Details page displays the mapping groups, if any, associated with the selected configuration. It also provides access to AccuSync advanced settings and settings for email notification.

Mapping Groups Table

The Mapping Groups table includes the following fields:

Group The group name.
AccuWork The value of the AccuWork field managed by this group.
ITS The value of the ITS field managed by this group.
Action The actions you can perform on a field mapping pair defined for the mapping group.

For more information, see Creating a Mapping Group and Editing Mapping Groups.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings allow you to:

Modify network settings AccuWork allows you to specify both the number of retries and the retry interval that AccuSync should attempt in the event of a network error. For more information, see Changing Network Settings.
Turn off issue key validation AccuSync validates AccuWork and JIRA keys before synchronizing records. In some situations, such as upgrading from AccuBridge for JIRA, you might want AccuSync to skip the key validation process. For more information, see Running the Initial Synchronization.

Mail Settings

Mail settings allow you to enable email notification of synchronization errors. For more information, see Email Notification for AccuSync Events.