Backing Up an AccuSync Configuration

Note: Create a back up of your AccuSync Configuration in these situations:

  • After you have performed an initial synchronization and are satisfied that AccuSync is synchronizing your issue records as expected.
  • After you make any change to an existing synchronization (changing connection settings or your schema, for example).
  • Before upgrading to a newer AccuSync version.

When you back up an AccuSync Configuration, AccuSync creates a backup directory where you installed AccuSync (c:\Program Files\AccuSync\backup, for example). Each backup is created in its own directory with the name <timestamp>_<name>, using a name you give it. For example, 2011-03- 14_13-52.28_acme, where acme is the name you provided to the backup utility. The <timestamp> has the format

Note: The backup utility does not back up other AccuSync directories like bin, conf, and transformers.

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