ClearQuest Users

You must add the fields in the preceding table to the ClearQuest schema to enable synchronization between AccuWork and ClearQuest. The basic procedure is outlined here. Refer to your Rational ClearQuest documentation for more information.
  1. Using the ClearQuest Designer, log in to your schema repository.

  2. Check out the ALM schema.

  3. Add the fields to the required type (ALMRequest and ALMTask) as needed.

  4. Add the fields to the ClearQuest forms as needed.

  5. Save your changes, and then validate and check in the schema.

  6. Update the ClearQuest database with the new schema.

  7. Stop and start these ClearQuest services. For example:

    • IBM HTTP Administration for WebSphere ApplicationServerV8.5
    • IBM HTTP ServerV8.5
    • IBM WAS85 Service

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