Comment Field Synchronization Behavior

The Comment field is available in JIRA as well as in AccuWork. When data is added to this field in JIRA and a synchronization is performed, it is reflected in the Comment field of AccuWork just as an extra line of comment. Whereas if the Comment field in AccuWork is updated and a synchronization is performed, when viewed in JIRA, you will see the new comments appear in a new block under the old block of comments.

Example: When a user adds a comment (Line 1, Line 2) in JIRA and synchronizes it with AccuWork, the comments are visible in AccuWork in the same block. If the user adds a comment (Line 3) from AccuWork and synchronizes it again, in JIRA this comment is shown as (Line 1 and Line 2) in the same block but Line 3 in a new block) under the Comment field. This is the general behavior of the Comment fields post JIRA and AccuWork synchronization.