Creating a Synchronization Pattern

  1. Go to the AccuSync Management Console main page.

    Tip: Clicking the AccuSync logo at the top of any page takes you to the main page.

  2. Click the Edit Configuration button .

    The Configuration page appears.

  3. In the Sync Patterns table, click the Add new... button.

    The New Sync Pattern Dialog Box appears.

  4. In the Sync pattern name field, enter a name for the synchronization pattern.

    Tip: Consider using an intuitive name for the synchronization pattern. For example, if you are creating a synchronization pattern to synchronize defect issue types, you might name the synchronization pattern defects.

  5. In the Mapping Definition to use field, choose the name of the mapping definition you want to use with this synchronization pattern.

  6. In the Synchronization field, choose the

    Type The type of synchronization you want to perform. By default, AccuSync performs a two-way synchronization. See Synchronization Types for more information.
    Frequency How often (in minutes) you want to perform the synchronization. A value of 1, for example, means AccuSync performs the synchronization every minute.
  7. Click Save.

    The synchronization pattern appears in the Sync Pattern table on the Configuration page.

See Running an AccuSync Configuration and Running a Synchronization Pattern to learn more about how to run synchronizations.