Custom Field Synchronization

A custom field is required when a field available in JIRA (for example, issue_number) is not available in AccuWork. In order to synchronize data or information between JIRA and AccuWork a new field (for example, issue_number) is created in AccuWork. This is done so that the field issue_number in JIRA can be mapped to the field issue_number in AccuWork. This ensures that any change made to the value of the field issue_number in JIRA are immediately reflected in the value of issue_number field in AccuWork.

The table below lists the Custom Fields supported in the current version of AccuSync.

AccuWork Field Type JIRA Field Type Synchronization Type
DateTimePicker Timestamp DateTimePicker Date/Time(Custom Field) two-way
DatePicker Timestamp Date Picker Date (Custom Field) two-way
SingleSelectList Choose SingleSelectList_SingleChoice String(Custom Field) two-way
SingleUserPicker User SingleUserPicker_SingleChoice User two-way
RadioButtons Choose RadioButtons String(Custom Field) two-way
SingleVersionPicker Choose SingleVersionPicker_SingleChoice String(Custom Field) two-way
NumberField Text NumberField Float(Custom Field) two-way
TextFieldSingleLine Text TextFieldSingleLine_TextChoice String(Custom Field) two-way
TextFieldMultiLine Text TextFieldMultiLine_TextChoice String(Custom Field) two-way
Labels Text Labels String(Custom Field) two-way
Checkboxes Text Checkboxes String(Custom Field) two-way
SelectListMultipleChoices Text SelectListMultipleChoices String(Custom Field) two-way
Components Text Components Component two-way
Comment Log Comment String two-way
  1. Create a custom field in the AccuSync schema.

    Note: Ensure that the custom field is one of the fields listed in the table above.

  2. Create the same field in JIRA.
  3. Map the JIRA fields to the AccuWork fields. Follow from step 3 onwards provided in the Scripted field Synchronization.