Deleting Errors

You can delete errors from the Errors table. You might want to do this if the table has become crowded with errors that you have no intention of addressing, as might be the case with issues that are no longer active. For example, some ITSs do not allow you to make changes to an issue that has a status of Closed. If you make a change to such a record in AccuWork (adding additional information about the issue’s root cause or fix, for example), AccuSync will encounter a synchronization error when it tries to update the Closed issue on the other ITS.

Note: Deleting an error does not affect whether or not AccuSync tries to synchronize the associated issue; it simply removes the error from the log. AccuSync attempts to synchronize issues associated with deleted errors only if the issue has been modified since the last synchronization. Any associated ITS items and synchronization patterns that are highlighted in red (indicating an error) remain in red until you restart AccuSync.

To delete an error from the Errors table:

  1. Select the check box to the left of the error you want to delete.

    Tip: To select the delete check box for all errors, click the check box in the Errors table heading.

  2. Click the Delete button under the Errors table.