Edit ITS Connection Dialog Box

You use the Edit ITS Connection dialog box to make changes to an existing connection to your issue tracking system’s server. The fields in the dialog box differ slightly based on the ITS for which the connection is specified.


Connection settings

Field Description
Protocol JIRA and ALM only: Lets you specify whether you connect to the JIRA server using the http or https protocol.
Host The name of the machine hosting your ITS server. localhost, for example.
Port The port used to connect to your ITS server.
Username The name of the AccuSync user. See Create the AccuSync User.
Password The password associated AccuSync user.
Domain ALM only: The domain associated with the projects you want to synchronize with AccuWork.
Project ALM only: The project you want to synchronize with AccuWork.

Advanced settings

Email Suffix The domain name typically associated with email addresses for your ITS users. AccuSync appends the email suffix to the AccuWork user name when AccuWork users are created in your ITS.
JIRA Path JIRA only: By default, JIRA is installed to host_name:port_number/secure/ Dashboard.jspa (http://localhost:8086/secure/Dashboard.jspa, for example). You use the JIRA Path field to specify an alternate location on the host machine; AccuSync uses the Host and Port values to build the complete URL. For example, if you installed JIRA in a folder called /its_jira, you would enter its_jira in the JIRA Path field. AccuSync would construct the following URL to access the JIRA server: http://localhost:8086/its_jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa.

Proxy settings

Host, Port, Username, and Password fields that you need to specify only if you connect to the Internet using a proxy server.

After you test the connection, AccuSync displays additional fields on the New ITS Connection dialog box. Again, the fields in the dialog box vary based on the ITS you selected when creating the configuration.

Note: No fields are added to the New ITS Connection dialog box after you test the connection.

JIRA Fields

Project Name. Lets you select the JIRA projects you want to synchronize with AccuWork.

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