Edit the AccuWork and ITS Connection Settings

Each default AccuSync Configuration includes partially specified connection settings for AccuWork and your ITS. In addition to connection information, you use the connection settings to specify:

  • The AccuRev depot and ITS projects and applications whose issues you want AccuSync to synchronize.
  • The name of the AccuWork schema field that stores the type of issue (defect or task, for example) that AccuSync will synchronize.

This section describes how to edit the default connection settings.

Before You Begin

Before editing the AccuWork and ITS connection settings in AccuSync, make sure the AccuRev Server is running and that your ITS service is available. AccuSync requires a live connection to verify fields and other data.

In addition, we recommend that you create a copy of the default configuration for your ITS before modifying its connection settings or making any other changes you find necessary. Copied configurations contain all of the settings of the configuration you select as the source. These include AccuWork and ITS connections, mapping definitions, synchronization patterns, and so on.

Note: You cannot copy an AccuSync Configuration if it is running.

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