Error Reporting

When AccuSync encounters an error executing a synchronization pattern, it displays the name of the synchronization pattern, and the affected ITS, in red. When you select a synchronization pattern, any errors associated with that synchronization pattern are displayed in the Errors table, as shown in the following illustration:


For each error, the Errors table displays:

  • The date the error last occurred.
  • A brief description of the error.
  • The number of the issue that caused it.

The Errors table also contains a set of controls that let you:

  1. Quickly toggle the Delete Error check box for all issues. (See Deleting Errors for more information on this subject.)

  2. Navigate through pages of errors (when the number of errors requires multiple pages).

    Note: The center field in this set of controls shows the current set of all issues that are currently being displayed (1 to 3, as shown in the preceding illustration, or 1 to 25 of 678, for example).

  3. Quickly toggle the Ignore Issue check box for all issues. (See Suspending Synchronization for an Issue for more information on this subject.)

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