Exposing Workflow Transitions to AccuSync

The following procedure describes how to expose workflow transitions to AccuSync. When you are done, users processing issues will be able to specify a workflow transition for issue records in your ITS, allowing AccuWorkflow to execute the transition the next time that issue record is synchronized.

Note: Before performing this procedure:

  • Fully define and implement your workflows. See the Web User Interface User’s Guide for more information on AccuRev workflow.
  • Review the workflows and create a list of all the transitions you want to expose to the AccuSync synchronization process.

To expose a workflow transition to AccuSync:

  1. In AccuWork, use the Schema Editor to add a new field to the AccuWork schema. Name the field transition, and give it the type Text.

    Note: This field is for internal AccuRev use only. Do not add this field to the issue record’s layout in AccuWork.

  2. In your other ITS, add a new custom field. You can name the field anything you want, but consider naming it transition for consistency with the associated field in AccuWork.
    Give the field a type that lets users choose from a list of values when modifying the issue record in your other ITS.
  3. Using your list of transition names (see Before You Begin), create values for the transition field you created in Step 2. The names you enter must match exactly the transition names as they are defined in the workflow.
  4. In AccuSync, create a new field mapping for the AccuWork and ITS transition fields in an existing mapping definition. For example, if you are using a default ITS AccuSync configuration, you might want to add the new transition field mapping to the Basic mapping definition.

    Tip: If you decide to create a new mapping definition, make sure you also either create a synchronization pattern that uses that mapping definition, or add that mapping definition to an existing synchronization pattern.

  5. In AccuSync, click the Reload Configuration Cache button to ensure that the configuration incorporates the AccuWork schema changes.