Install the JIRA Plugin for AccuSync

This section describes the JIRA plugin for AccuSync and how to install them. If you already installed the plugin as part of upgrading AccuSync from an earlier version, you can skip this section.

Purpose of the JIRA Plugins for AccuSync

JIRA plugins for AccuSync automatically add the following custom fields to JIRA:

AccuWorkIssueLink Stores the URL that JIRA users can use to open a browser and display the issue in the AccuRev Web UI.
AccuWorkKey Stores the unique alphanumeric key for each AccuWork issue record.
AccuWorkChangePackage Stores summary AccuWork issue change package information.
AccuWorkChangePackageHistory Stores detailed AccuWork issue change package information.

These fields appear on the JIRA View Custom Fields page only after AccuSync has performed a synchronization task.

Different Plugins for JIRA 7 and JIRA 8

AccuSync provides single plugin for JIRA 7 and JIRA 8, named AccuSync JiraPlugin.This file is available under the \jiraPlugin directory where AccuSync is installed. For example: c:\Program Files\AccuSync\jiraPlugin\.

This plugin is what Atlassian refers to as Version 2 plugin. Version 2 plugins have different installation procedures than Version 1 plugins. For more information, refer to your JIRA documentation.

Note: AccuSyncJiraPlugin.jar plugin is common for single server and JDC for JIRA version.

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