Making Changes to Configurations

You can make changes to an active Configuration. There is no need to stop a running configuration or to stop the AccuSync Server to create a new field mapping, for example. However, after you make a change you need to ensure that AccuSync recognizes those changes as summarized in the following table:
If You Change Example You Must
The default configuration or one of its components. Adding a new mapping definition or synchronization pattern. Stop and then run the default configuration (or just the affected synchronization pattern, if applicable) for the change to be recognized by AccuSync.
The AccuWork or ITS schema. Adding a new field or changing the layout. Reload the configuration cache for any configuration affected by the change. Click on the AccuSync Management Console main page).

Note: You cannot copy or delete a Configuration or any of its components while it is running.

The following sections summarize the types of editing operations you can perform and where to find more information.