Mapping Definitions Summary


The following table summarizes the mapping definitions included in the default configuration. Details for individual mapping definitions follow this table.

If you create a new AccuSync Configuration (as opposed to using the default configuration), you need to create one mapping definition for each type of issue (defect, enhancement, and so on) you want to synchronize. Separate mapping definitions must be created to manage change package information for each type.

The basic mapping definition is optional. however, if you choose not to create it, all of the field mappings it defines must be created manually for every mapping definition. See Base Mapping Definitions for more information.

Note: You can name these mapping definitions as you choose, but if you change them, make sure you do so throughout your Configuration.

Important: It is highly recommended, that AccuSync bridge user’s credentials such as AccuWork users’ and other ITS users’ credentials are not used for other operations like creating or modifying issues in individual ITS applications such as AccuWork, JIRA, ALM, ClearQuest and so on.

Mapping Definition Name Inherits this Mapping Definition AccuWork Issue Type JIRA Issue Type
basic -- -- --
basicCpk -- -- --
DefectMapping basic Bug Bug
CpkDefectMapping basicCpk Bug Bug
TaskMapping basic Sub-task Sub-task
CpkTaskMapping basicCpk Sub-task Sub-task
NewFeatureMapping basic New Feature New Feature
CpkNewFeatureMapping basicCpk New Feature New Feature
ImprovementMapping basic Improvement Improvement
CpkImprovementMapping basicCpk Improvement Improvement
SubTaskMapping basic Sub-task Sub-task
CpkSubTaskMapping basicCpk Sub-task Sub-task

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