Mapping Groups

In most cases, simply mapping one field to another provides AccuSync with all the information it needs to synchronize the fields’ values. The issue description you enter in AccuWork can be added, as is, to the issue’s description in your ITS during synchronization, for example.

In some cases, however, your systems might use different values for the same field. Imagine a Severity field, for example. In AccuWork, this field might use values of A, B, and C to describe an issue’s severity. The same field in your ITS, however, might use values of Critical, High, and Moderate. In cases such as this, you need to define a mapping group to provide AccuSync with the information it needs to synchronize fields that use different values (A=Critical, B=High, and C=Moderate, for example).

Using a Mapping Group in a Field Mapping

You choose the mapping group you want to use for a field mapping at the time you create the field mapping. For this reason, you must create the mapping group before you create the field mapping itself. See Creating a Mapping Group for more information.

Note: Mapping groups are created at the Configuration level and can be used by the field mappings of any mapping definition defined for the configuration.