Other AccuSync Components

In addition to the AccuSync Configuration, AccuSync consists of these other components:

AccuSync Management Console

You use the AccuSync Management Console to create and manage AccuSync Configurations, and to monitor the synchronization activity between the systems represented by each configuration. Examples of the tasks you perform using the AccuSync Management Console include:

  • Specifying and running AccuSync Configurations.
  • Checking the status of an AccuSync Configuration.
  • Setting watermarks.
  • Setting up email notification.

The AccuSync Management Console main page is the entry point for all tasks associated with creating, maintaining, and running AccuSync Configurations. Other pages of the AccuSync Management Console become accessible once an AccuSync Configuration has been created.

Note: Clicking the AccuSync logo at the top of any page takes you to the main page.

See Start the AccuSync Management Console for more information.

AccuSync Server

The AccuSync Server is the engine that performs the synchronization tasks between the AccuRev depot and the ITS project. The AccuSync Server is typically started as part of the installation process; it must be running in order for you to start the AccuSync Management Console.

See AccuSync Services for more information.