Quick Start

This chapter describes how to set up the default configurations that are installed with AccuSync. There are default configurations for all supported ITSs, each with its own field mappings and mapping definitions. See Configuration Reference for your ITS to learn which fields are included in the default configuration.

Note: Even if the default configuration contains all the field mappings you require, you still need to perform the procedures described in this chapter.

Do not change the default configuration. Instead, create a copy of the configuration and modify the copied configuration based on what needs to be synchronized between the two systems.

For general information about default configurations, see Customizing the Default Configuration.

For information about what fields are mapped by default, see the Configuration Reference for your ITS.

If you want to create a new AccuSync Configuration, see Creating a New Configuration.

Note: Backup your AccuSync configuration before upgrading to a newer version of AccuSync and to schedule backups on a regular basis.