Requirements for the AccuSync User

In AccuRev, you create users on the Security tab, as shown here:

When creating the AccuSync user, note the following requirements. The AccuSync user:

  • Must have any permissions needed to access the AccuRev depots and ITS projects and applications whose issues you want to synchronize.
  • Must have any permissions needed to create, edit, and assign issues on both AccuRev and your ITS.
  • Cannot be the same as the AccuBridge user. (This requirement applies only if you are upgrading from AccuBridge to AccuSync).
  • Should not be used to perform any tasks other than synchronization on either AccuRev or your ITS.

Tip: Consider creating different AccuSync user names in AccuRev and your ITS. For example, you might want to create the AccuSync user in AccuRev as accusync_ITS and the AccuSync user in your ITS as accusync_AccuWork. Having different AccuSync user names defined in each system can make it easier to understand which system originated a change when reviewing an issue record’s history. Refer to your AccuRev and ITS user documentation for more information on creating users.