Restarting an AccuSync Configuration

Once a configuration is running, it continues to run each of the synchronization patterns defined for it according to the frequency you have specified for those synchronization patterns. If the AccuSync server is stopped and restarted, however, configurations remain stopped until they are started again.

You can restart a configuration manually by clicking its Run button , as described in Running an AccuSync Configuration. If you prefer, you can configure AccuSync to restart configurations automatically, as described in the following procedure.

To configure AccuSync to automatically restart configurations when the AccuSync server is restarted:

  1. Open the file in a text editor. This file is located in the \bin folder where you installed AccuSync.
  2. Add the following line:

    Note: Other settings in the are for internal use only. Do not delete or edit these settings.

  3. Add a line like the following for each ITS whose configurations you want AccuSync to restart automatically:

    where ITS_name is the name of your ITS, and config_name is the name of the configurations you want AccuSync to automatically restart. Note that:

    • You must use the following values for ITS_name:

      • cq for IBM Rational ClearQuest
      • hpqc for ALM
      • jira for JIRA
    • To specify multiple configurations for an ITS, enter each configuration name separated by a comma.
    • ITS_name and config_name values are case-sensitive.

    Tip: See Example.