Review the Default Configuration

After you specify the AccuWork and ITS connection settings, AccuSync validates all of the components defined in the default configuration - its field mappings, mapping groups, and so on. If AccuSync was unable to validate a component, it displays the component name in red. For example, if a field mapping includes a field that has not been defined in one system’s schema, that field mapping is displayed in red.

Before running the configuration or an individual synchronization pattern, you should review each of the components in your configuration and correct any errors. See Customizing the Default Configuration to learn how to edit the components in a configuration. When you are ready to run the configuration or one of its synchronization patterns, see Running the Initial Synchronization.

Tip: An invalid configuration is usually caused by field mappings that AccuSync cannot reconcile. Editing Field Mappings describes where to find field mapping definitions in AccuSync and how to change them. Refer to Configuration Reference for your ITS for a complete listing of field mappings and other configuration components required to synchronize with your ITS.

Next Steps

Once you are satisfied that the configuration has been specified correctly, you are ready to run a synchronization as described in Running the Initial Synchronization.