Running an AccuSync Configuration

When you run an AccuSync Configuration, AccuSync runs all the synchronization patterns that are defined for that configuration. Synchronization patterns are run serially, one after the other, at whatever frequency has been defined for them. (The default is one minute.) AccuSync performs the synchronization tasks associated with each synchronization pattern; issue records and watermarks on both systems are updated accordingly. If you choose, you can stop individual synchronization patterns within an active AccuSync Configuration. See Stopping Configurations and Synchronization Patterns.

Tip: Before running an AccuSync Configuration for the first time, run each synchronization pattern in that configuration individually. Review the results of each synchronization pattern and verify that they are what you expect; any changes to synchronization components that might be required can be easier to identify this way. See Running a Synchronization Pattern for more information.

To run an AccuSync Configuration:

  1. Go to the AccuSync Management Console main page.

    Tip: Clicking the AccuSync logo at the top of any page takes you to the main page.

  2. Click the Run button for the configuration you want to run. AccuSync runs the selected configuration. The Run button is replaced by the Stop button , which allows you to stop the configuration at any time. The status button changes based on whether or not AccuSync encounters any errors when running the configuration. See Understanding Synchronization Status for more information.