Start the AccuSync Management Console

This section describes how to start and stop the AccuSync Management Console. You use the AccuSync Management Console to edit, run, manage, and maintain AccuSync configurations.

Note: The AccuRev Server and the Apache Tomcat server for AccuSync must both be running before you can start the AccuSync Management Console. These servers are typically started as part of the AccuSync installation process. See Appendix F: AccuSync Services if you need to start either one of these servers.

Starting the AccuSync Management Console

Note: These procedures assume that you accepted the Shortcut Folder default values during installation.

To start the AccuSync Management Console:

Microsoft Window Click Start > All Programs > AccuSync > AccuSync Management Console Link.

Enter the URL for the AccuSync Management Console in your browser’s address field and press Enter.

Example: http://localhost:8085/accusync/

The AccuSync Management Console main page appears in the web browser.

Tip: Default configurations are installed for every ITS that AccuSync supports. You might see a different set of default configurations than those shown here.

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