Types of Errors Recorded

AccuSync records fatal errors and synchronization errors:

Fatal error Typically associated with a lost network connection or system failure. In AccAccuSyncuSync, the name of a synchronization pattern that encounters a fatal error is displayed in red; clicking the tab next to the synchronization pattern name displays information about the error.

Note: If AccuSync encounters a fatal error, consider increasing the network retry count, retry delay, or both. See Changing Network Settings for more information.

Synchronization error Occurs when AccuSync is unable to synchronize issue records. This can happen for a number of reasons, including one or more of the following:
  • A field mapping was specified incorrectly (fields with mis-matched types, for example).
  • A field value specified for one system does not exist in the other.
  • The issue record has been deleted from your ITS.
If AccuSync encounters a synchronization error, verify that your AccuWork and ITS schema have the necessary fields, and that your mapping definitions and field mappings (including any filters and transformers they use) are specified correctly. See Making Changes to AccuSync Configurations for more information.

Note: Only fatal errors prevent a synchronization from continuing.