Using AccuSync with AccuRev Workflow

AccuRev workflow is AccuRev’s optional application life cycle tool that lets you define workflow stages and the transitions that link those stages. Transitions typically perform some type of action as the issue moves from one workflow stage to another (such as changing the value of an issue record’s Status field from New to WIP, for example). See the Web User Interface User’s Guide for more information on AccuRev workflow.

If you are using AccuRev workflow, you can make workflow transitions available in issue records in your ITS. Users can choose a transition from a list of transitions that you provide, and the next time that record is synchronized with AccuWork:

  • Changes made to the issue record in your ITS are made to the issue record in AccuWork.
  • AccuRev workflow executes the transition on the record in AccuWork.
  • Any changes to the issue record in AccuWork resulting from the execution of that transition are also made to the issue record in your ITS as part of the same AccuRev transaction.

Transitions can be specified in the ITS only and must be set manually. That is, the value of the Transition field in an issue record in your ITS cannot change as the result of the synchronization process.

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