Configuring Atlassian Crucible (4.3+) to Use AccuRev

To configure Atlassian Crucible 4.3+ to use AccuRev, ensure the following:

  1. Use Chrome as your browser.
  2. Add Restlet Client - REST API Testing by clicking +ADD TO CHROME.
  3. Launch Restlet Client

To map an Atlassian Crucible project to a repository, perform the following:

  1. Once Restlet Client -Rest API Testing is launched, click the Request tab and select PUT from the METHOD list.
  2. In the URL field, enter http//localhost:8060/rest-service-fecru/admin/projects/<projectKey>.

    Note: Ensure that projectkey is entered in capital letters. For example: PROJ-1 or PROJ-2.

  3. Under the HEADERS section:
    1. Select the Authorization option and then click on the search icon next to the field. The Authorization window is displayed. Enter the Atlassian Crucible user's credentials (Username and Password).
    2. Select the Content Type option and enter: application/json.
  4. In the Body section, enter {"defaultRepositoryName" : "<Repo1>"}.
  5. Click Send. The following message is displayed which ensures that the mapping is successful: 200 Ok.

Note: This mapping has to be established each time a new project is used.