Configuring Access to the AccuRev Web UI

This topic describes how to configure the AccuRev Web UI to work with Eclipse.

Features Available through the AccuRev Web UI

When you configure access to the AccuRev Web UI, you make the following features available to your users:

  • Version Browser
  • StreamBrowser
  • Annotate
  • Create New Issue
  • Open Issue Queries

Before You Begin

Before performing the configuration procedure, obtain the URL used to access the AccuRev Web UI. For example, http://localhost:8080/accurev. You will need this URL to complete the configuration procedure.

How to Configure the AccuRev Web UI

To configure the AccuRev Web UI to work with Eclipse, you need to modify the AccuRev Server settings.xml file as described in the following procedure:
  1. Shut down Eclipse.
  2. Create a file called settings.xml and add these lines:
       <webui url="http://webui-host:port/accurev"/>

    Where webui-host:port is the server name and port of the server hosting the AccuRev Web UI -- localhost:8080, for example.

  3. On the AccuRev Server, save settings.xml in the storage\site_slice\dispatch\config directory where you installed AccuRev.
  4. If you are using AccuRev replica servers, create and save settings.xml to the storage\site_slice\dispatch\config directories on those machines as well.
  5. Restart Eclipse. Several new buttons appear on the AccuRev perspective toolbar as shown in the following illustration:

    The highlighted groups of buttons are for features that are accessible only after access to the AccuRev Web UI has been configured:

    • Version Browser
    • Annotate
    • Open the Web UI
    • Open the StreamBrowser
    • Create
    • New Issue
    • Open Issue Queries
  6. Click the Open Web UI button to start the AccuRev Web UI within the Eclipse framework.

    Note: If you are not already logged in to AccuRev, you are prompted to do so. For more information, see Logging In to AccuRev.