Enabling the AccuRev Diff Tool to Work as a Standalone (Mac OS Only)

To enable the AccuRev diff GUI tool (acdiffgui) to work stand-alone as well as from an IDE integration such as Eclipse, do the following:

  1. Make a backup copy of acdiffgui:
    cd /Applications/AccuRev/bin/acdiffgui.app/Contents/MacOS
    mv acdiffgui acdiffgui.orig
  2. Create a new acdiffgui file with the following content:
    $cmd = "java -Duser.dir=/Applications/AccuRev/bin -Xms32M -Xmx512M -classpath 
    Applications/AccuRev/bin/werken.opt.jar:/Applications/AccuRev/bin/diff.jar\" diff.DiffApp ";
    foreach $arg(@ARGV)
    $cmd .= "\"$arg\" ";
    system ($cmd);
  3. Close any shells.
  4. Open a new shell.

Running acdiffgui should now bring up the AccuRev graphical diff tool, and it should also work from within any integrated IDE.