Setting Up a Local Update Site

If your organization’s IT policies do not allow regular Eclipse plug-in updates using a remote update site, you can create an update site on your local network instead.

To create a local update site:

  1. Create a directory on a network accessible machine called AccuRevPlugIn_update or something similar.
  2. Using a web browser, access the AccuRev Plug-In download page:

  3. Download the .ZIP file for the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse (, for example) to the local AccuRevPlugIn_update directory you created in Step 1.
  4. Extract the .ZIP file contents to the AccuRevPlugIn_update directory.
  5. Distribute the location of the AccuRevPlugIn_update directory to the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse users in your organization. They can then define a new update site using the AccuRevPlugIn_update directory.