Version 2018.2

AccuRev Feature

  • RPI# 1112342- ‘Annotate and Version Browser doesn't work in Eclipse plug-in’ issue is fixed in this release.
  • RPI# 1114193 - ‘Annotate and Version Browser doesn't work in Eclipse plug-in’ issue is fixed in this release.

AccuRev Git Feature

Below Git functionality is supported in this Release:

  • Clone
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Fetch
  • Merge
  • Submodule: AccuRev supports git’s submodules with the caveats: One the originating repo cloned from AccuRev, and secondly any submodules added come from native Git repos, and not back by AccuRev. If you need to have multiple AccuRev streams, depots, as well as content from different AccuRev server in your repo then use git’s multiple remote functionality.
  • Branch: Only local branches are supported. Branches from the local Git repo that have been merged to the main branch will be reflected in AccuRev

Known Issues in AccuRev Git

Branches functionality supported with caveats

Commits in a local branch can be pushed to the remote master (AccuRev) by configuring the push option to point to master (AccuRev stream) for that particular branch, or they can be merged into the local master branch then pushed from the local master branch master(AccuRev stream).

AccuRev Git is incompatible with some recent Git releases. A defect/regression that was introduced in Git version 2.15 results in merge commits being skipped during a push operation. Because of this, the AccuRev Git Client is compatible with Git 2.13 and 2.14, but incompatible with Git 2.15.x, 2.16.x, and 2.17.0. A fix has been submitted to the Git community and will be released in an upcoming Git patch. Please contact Customer Care for the most up-to-date information about Git versions that are compatible with the AccuRev Git Client.

AccuRev Git Client is incompatible with pre-10.13 versions of macOS

The AccuRev Git Client supports macOS High Sierra 10.13 and higher.

Remote tags, back to the AccuRev server, are not supported at this time.

Working with multiple AccuRev servers/depots/streams in one Git repo [Remote Clone] is not supported in Git plug-in.

Cloning for a stream which has spaces in the name fails.

Create a Project > share > to Git repo > Commit / Push is not working.

Cloning happens only at the stream level.

Import Project with or without working Set option.

Clone to a folder with Non ASCII file name.

Moving files between folders in Eclipse, on Mac OS, push those to master (AccuRev stream) and those files will be missing from AccuRev stream.