Version 2018.3

AccuRev Features

1113643, 1113646 – Provide warning if AccuRev binary is not found in the configured location

In previous releases, if the configured path to AccuRev is missing, no information was conveyed to the user. This has been fixed in current release. Now, if the configured AccuRev binary is not available, the user is shown an error prompt when performing Eclipse AccuRev operations.

635767 - "Send to Issue" not working when sending multiple files to multiple issues

In previous releases, the user was not able to send multiple files to multiple issues. This has been fixed in the current release.

636039 - Provide support for Eclipse Photon (4.8.x)

In this release, the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse supports Eclipse Photon (4.8.x). This version is backwards-compatible with older Eclipse versions (4.2.2 and higher).

636040 - AccuRev Search/Status page icons are missing

In the previous release, the AccuRev Search/Status tab icons for Refresh & Pin were missing. They have been restored in the current release.

636041 - Diff against Backed & File on Disk showing blank on Linux

In the previous release, sometimes AccuRev "Diff against Backed" and "Diff against File on Disk" didn't display the contents properly. This has been fixed in the current release.

636042 - Auto-Detect AccuRev project

In previous releases, if an existing AccuRev workspace was imported into Eclipse, it was imported as a non-AccuRev project. In the current release, if a user imports an existing workspace into Eclipse as a normal project, it will get automatically mapped as an AccuRev project.

636043 - Unnecessary server calls when user tries to use AccuRev Sharing wizard

In previous releases, when the user tried to share an Eclipse project to AccuRev, it resulted in a lot of unnecessary calls to the AccuRev server, which can result in server latency. This has been fixed in the current release.

636044 - Checkout existing workspace from different workstation to local

In previous releases, a user wasn't allowed to import changes from a workspace in a different system. This has been fixed in the current release. Now the user can move workspaces from another machine to the local machine, with last kept changes.

635981 The Underlap search option on the AccuRev Search/Status page is missing

In the previous release, when user searches for "Underlap items" from the context menu, the AccuRev Search/Status page didn’t show items in (underlap) status, and the Underlap search was missing from search dropdown. This has been fixed in the current release.

636046 - Migrate Eclipse AccuRev session management from server.xml to system session

In previous releases, the Eclipse AccuRev plug-in maintained its own AccuRev session information in the servers.xml file. This has been changed in the current release. Now the plug-in will utilize the existing session created by the AccuRev client or GUI.

636047 - Move AccuRev plug-in log to user home directory

In the previous release, the plug-in's log file, accurev_plugin.log, used to be created in the Eclipse install folder. This has been changed in the current release. Now the accurev_plugin.log will be created in the user home directory with the new name of accurev_eclipse_plugin.log

636049 - When sharing an Eclipse project with AccuRev, should perform Add action instead of Promote

In the previous release, when the user finished sharing a new eclipse project with AccuRev, the promote prompt was presented. In the current release, this has been changed to “Add to Depot.”

AccuRev Git Feature

636069 - Showing progress during cloning IDE for Git operations

In the current release, when a user clones the AccuRev GitClient stream, the progress bar will reflect the fetch, pull and cloning status accordingly.

Known issues in the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse

  • If upgrading from an older plug-in, the user may encounter some exceptions from the Eclipse core. The upgrade doesn’t remove the older version plug-in .jars, which might cause plug-in registration issues and initialization errors. It is recommended to do run eclipse with the “-clean” argument after upgrading. If this error still occurs, uninstall the plug-in and do a fresh install of the new plug-in.

  • If a user creates Eclipse projects with .accurev in its parent/root directory, the project will get mapped as an AccuRev project, even if it's not a valid AccuRev workspace. If the user wants, the user can un-share the project from AccuRev context menu to convert it into a normal Eclipse project.