Version 2019.1

This topic describes the changes for the Eclipse plug-in version 2019.1.

Release highlights

  • Open JDK (Zulu) support.

  • CAPI Logs are enabled for Debug logging.

  • Auto import only for valid AccuRev project.

  • Remove from issue from multiple files & multiple issues.

  • AccuRev server load is optimized by reducing no of unnecessary calls for RHEL.

  • Blank screen issue on RHEL is resolved.

  • 'Refresh Via F5' on preference page, now does AccuRev refresh on Eclipse UI.

Enhancements and fixed issues

637464 - Open JDK (Zulu) support. Zulu Open JDK is supported from this release.

637465 - CAPI II logs enabled. You can now see the exact AccuRev command triggered by the plug-in, as INFO in the log.

637466 - Auto import as AccuRev project only if the user is logged in and server is in acclient.cnf list. Previously, if a project contained the .accurev folder, it was shown as AccuRev project in Eclipse. This defect is now fixed.

637467 - Remove from Issue doesn't throw error for invalid issue. Previously, if a user provided an invalid issue ID in a remove from issue operation, no error was returned. This defect is now fixed.

637468 - Remove from issue from multiple files and multiple issues. Users can now remove multiple files from multiple issues, as supported by AccuRev client.

637469 - AccuRev Update Preview not showing right window. AccuRev Update Preview now displays the details on AccuRev console.

637470 - Linux RHEL: Show Properties and AccuRev Workspace info option shows blank window behind the actual window. No blank window will appear during any AccuRev operation performed on RHEL.

637471 - Disabling checkbox option 'Refresh Via F5' on preference page, still does refresh on Eclipse UI. In earlier releases, AccuRev Eclipse plug-in didn't honor the option available in preference page "Enable AccuRev refresh via F5" functionality. This is now fixed.

637472 - RHEL: Many STAT call are made to AccuRev server on. In earlier releases for RHEL machine, accurev refresh was triggering may STAT calls to AccuRev server. This is now fixed.

637473 - AccuRev refresh should shift the focus to AccuRev Console. In earlier releases, AccuRev refresh was not pulling up AccuRev console in focus. This is now fixed.

621566 - Login to AccuRev is necessary to read AccuRev meta data. In earlier releases, AccuRev Eclipse plug-in was using the .meta files to store the meta data. As per current design, these .meta files are no longer used.

635768 - Send to Issue doesn't throw error for invalid issue. If user provides any invalid issue id for send to issue, it will be ignored now on.

1098152 - Requesting Eclipse plug-in be available in Eclipse Marketplace. Eclipse Plug-in is available in marketplace.

1113644 & 1113645 - DOC: Eclipse Plug-in creates new/conflicting environment variable AccuRev_HOME. Document is updated

Known issues in the AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse

1109146 - Blank Depot despite being logged into AccuRev.

627524 - AccuRev plug-in upgrade fails.

Workaround: User is advised to launch Eclipse with -clean option, after the plug-in upgrade.