Create Patch/Apply Patch

Create Patch creates a portable Eclipse patch file based on one or more files in your AccuRev workspace. The Create Patch command filters files in your workspace, displaying only those that have been modified. A file under AccuRev control is considered modified if it has one of the following statuses:


Creating a Patch

To create a patch from modified files under AccuRev control:

  1. In the Eclipse Navigator view (from the Project Explorer, for example), right-click the file you want to use to create a patch and choose Team > Create Patch from the context menu.

    Tip: You can select multiple files.

    The Create Patch dialog box appears.

  2. Specify the full path of the location where you want to create the patch file. Optionally, specify a filename. If you do not specify a file name, the patch is created as ac_patch.txt.

    Note: One patch file is created, regardless of the number of files you choose.

  3. Expand the Eclipse project folder.
  4. Select the files from which you want to create a patch.
  5. Click Create.

The patch file is created using the name and location you specified in Step 2.

Applying a Patch

You use the Apply Patch command to apply a patch created using the Create Patch command.

Refer to your Eclipse documentation for more information about applying patches.