Create multiple Eclipse projects in a new AccuRev workspace

Use this procedure to create a new project and place all the files from an AccuRev stream into a new AccuRev workspace.

  1. Click the New button on the Eclipse toolbar.

    The New Project dialog box opens.

  2. In the Wizards window, navigate to AccuRev > Project from AccuRev. (If you have many wizards, simply type A in the Wizards window to jump directly to AccuRev in the list.)

  3. Click Next.

    Note: If you are not already logged in to AccuRev, you are prompted to do so. See Logging In to AccuRev.

    The Checkout from AccuRev page opens.

  4. Select a server where your AccuRev files are stored if the correct server is not already displayed in the Select a server field. If you need to add a server, see Adding an AccuRev Server.

  5. Expand the Streams folder.

    Tip: Click tree view and then click F5 to refresh.

  1. Expand the stream where you want the new AccuRev workspaces to be created.
  2. Select one or more folders within the stream. To select multiple folders, hold down the Ctrl key or Shift key and then click the relevant folders.
  3. Click Next. The Create New Workspace page opens.
  4. In the Workspace Path field, click the Browse button and select an existing directory.
    A new directory is created based on the Workspace Name and Workspace Path you enter. For example, if you specify c:\workspaces as the workspace path, W1 as the workspace name, and your username is jsmith, AccuRev creates the directory c:\workspaces\W1 and this directory contains the workspace named W1_jsmith.
  5. Optionally change the default values for settings for the new workspace: Locking Options, Workspace Contents, and EOL convention.

    Note: If you choose either Exclusive Locking or Anchor Required locking options, you will need to perform an Anchor command on a file before editing it.

  6. Select the Workspace Contents option based on which files from the stream are to be included in the workspace. The following options are available:

    Populate workspace with everything from basis stream This option places all the files from the basis stream in the workspace and does not provide any AccuRev include rules. Use this option if you want to include all files from the stream in the project. (This option may take a while if you have a very large stream.)
    Populate workspace with selected projects only This choice updates the workspace with only the files from the folders you selected. AccuRev include rules are used to find the files belonging to those folders only. The other files in the basis stream will be excluded. This is the default choice. Use this option if you only want to include only the files of the selected folders in your project.
  7. Click Next.
    The Check Out As page opens. This page allows you to name the new Eclipse projects you are creating based on the names of the folders you selected. This page appears only if you selected more than one folder.
  8. Optionally enter a prefix and a suffix to attach to the name of each folder. For example, if the prefix is AA and the suffix is BB, a folder named Folder_1 will result in an Eclipse project named AAFolder_1BB.

    Note: You can also leave the prefix and/or suffix fields empty.

  9. Click Next.
  10. The Checkout Projects page appears. A new project is listed for each folder you selected.

    The new projects in the list have project names and project types as follows:

    • If no .project file is detected in the folder, the project name is based on the prefix and suffix you provided. The new project has the project type of Eclipse Project.
    • If a .project file is detected in the folder, the project name is taken from the <name> tag within the .project file and the Project Type is Defined Type. See How New Eclipse Project Names are Taken from Existing .project Files.

  11. De-select any project that you do not want to create.
  12. Click Finish.
    An Eclipse project is created for each Eclipse project you selected.