Execute AccuRev Commands

There are several ways to access AccuRev functionality within Eclipse:

Integrated commands Some AccuRev functionality is integrated with existing Eclipse commands on the context menu. See Integrated Commands.
Team menu Many AccuRev commands are available in the Team menu. See Team Menu Commands.
Web UI Some AccuRev functionality is accessed from the AccuRev Web UI, which is also started from the context menu. See AccuRev Web UI.
Toolbar A commonly-used subset AccuRev features, for both the AccuRev GUI and AccuRev Web UI, is available on the Eclipse toolbar. See Toolbar Access to AccuRev Commands.

Note: While Eclipse allows you to select objects from multiple projects, AccuRev commands are available only if all the selected objects belong to the same AccuRev workspace.

Output from AccuRev Commands

AccuRev uses custom Console and Search/Status views to display output from AccuRev commands. These views, along with Eclipse’s own Synchronize and History views, constitute the AccuRev perspective. For a description of these views, see Working in the AccuRev Perspective.

What to Do Next

Once you have configured your preferences, you are ready to start working with Eclipse projects using AccuRev Plug-In for Eclipse. See Working with Eclipse Projects for more information.