Executes the AccuRev refresh operation, which updates the AccuRev status symbol for elements displayed in the Navigator view. You can perform the Team > Refresh operation for all projects or currently selected projects.

Tip: Pressing F5 (or File > Refresh) also performs the Refresh operation if you have enabled this preference. See General AccuRev Settings for more information. The Refresh choice on the Navigator context menu, however, performs only the Eclipse refresh operation.

Makes a call to the AccuRev Server and refreshes the statuses of the selected files and directories. Two options are available.

Refresh > Selected Content Roots Refreshes the selection and (if it includes a directory) the subdirectories.
Refresh > Project Refreshes the status of all AccuRev-controlled elements in the project.

The AccuRev icon decorations of the selected items are refreshed, too. If you have version-controlled items that are modified by the IDE or an external process, this command can help you to detect such changes to those items.