Team Menu Commands

The AccuRev commands in this section are integrated into the Team context menu in Eclipse’s Navigator or Package Explorer views.

To display the Team menu, right-click a file or directory in the Navigator view.

This section only lists commands in the Team menu that are special to Eclipse Plugin.

For details of the following basic AccurRev commands, see AccuRev Commands.

  • AccuRev History
  • AccuRecv Searches
  • AccuRev Statuses
  • AccuRev Workspace Information
  • Add to AccuRev Depot
  • Anchor
  • Annotate
  • Defunct
  • Diff Against
  • Keep
  • Login
  • Merge
  • Populate
  • Promote
  • Refresh
  • Revert To
  • Synchronize Time
  • Update AccuRev Workspace
  • Version Browser
  • Web UI