Version 2019.2

This topic describes the changes for the Eclipse plug-in version 2019.2.

Release highlights

  • Enhanced filtering capability in CPK window
  • Added support for direct Keep & Promote from Eclipse IDE

Enhancements and fixed issues

  • 640778: Remove from issue for numeric invalid input, should throw proper AccuRev message.

    Appropriate error message is now shown, when user enters invalid numeric input when performing Remove from Issue.

  • 640779 : Remove from issue, all possible file statuses are not removed.

    Remove from issue would work for all file statuses including "backed" file(s) which was not happening in previous release.

  • 640780: RFE: Remove from issue / Send to Issues, the pop-ups message format to be redesigned.

    Pop-up error messages for Send to Issue & Remove from Issue are rephrased & redesigned to display appropriate context.

  • 640781: RFE: Add or Remove from issue, dialog box should display Issue(s).

    This issue is fixed now.

  • 640782: RFE: Remove Synchronize Time.

    Functionality has been removed, as standard user cannot perform this operation.

  • 640783 : AccuRev Searches doesn't work if the project is imported using .project file.

    When projects are imported using .project file to Eclipse, AccuRev searches do not work as expected. This issue is fixed now.

  • 640784: BUG: Stream Browser should be disabled for the external files.

    Stream browser option is disabled for external file(s).

  • 640785: Rename should be disabled, when selecting external file, and when multiple files are selected.

    Rename functionality must be disabled for external file(s). This has been handled as part of this fix.

  • 640786: RFE: Add support to Keep & Promote directly from the Eclipse IDE.

    Now user will be able to perform AccuRev "Keep" & "Promote" operations on external file(s).

  • 640787 : Disabling AddToDepot, Keep and Promote AccuRev actions in Eclipse IDE for ignored external files.

    AddToDepot, Keep and Promote AccuRev actions is disabled now, for ignored external file(s).

  • 1117742 / 640788 RFE: Enhancing the filter capability in CPK window for filtering the issues in a better way.

    Filter capability of CPK window of Eclipse is now aligned and working as per the AccuRev Issue/CPK window.

  • 636088: On Linux, Logout prompt gets hidden by Progress info prompt.