Earlier versions

This section describes the enhancements added to GitCentric CLI for previous releases.

GitCentric Release 2015.2

Release 2015.2 of AccuRev GitCentric included:

GitCentric Multi-Threaded Bridge GitCentric 2015.2 allows the synchronization tasks inside the GitCentric Bridge to be Multi-Threaded. Previously, those sync operations were serialized. Customers had experienced push operations taking a long time - in some case as much as 10 minutes which would cause the push to time out and fail. This fix will eliminate that problem and generally improve performance on a busy bridge.
Increase kandoBridge log file size To prevent sync errors, the kandoBridge log file size has been increased.
Reduce noise in logs Changed some logs from level debug to level trace to reduce noise in the logs.
Better logging of AccuRev commands Improved the logging of AccuRev commands timing.

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GitCentric Release 2015.1

Release 2015.1 of AccuRev GitCentric included:

New SSH command to delete repositories GitCentric 2015.1 supports deleting repositories using a new SSH command, gitcentric delete-repo. See Appendix C. Command-Line Reference in the User’s Help for more information.
New backup and restore commands GitCentric 2015.1 introduces two new commands for backup and restore operations, full_backup.sh and full_restore.sh. These commands provide broader functionality than the current backupdbs and restoredbs commands and make it easier to migrate an existing GitCentric installation to a new server. See Appendix B. Backup and Restore n the User’s Help for more information.
Support for GitCentric and AccuRev Servers on different hosts In previous releases, specifying any value other than localhost for the GitCentric bridge host name in gerrit.config prevented you from hosting GitCentric and AccuRev Servers on different machines. This problem has been corrected in the current release, and you can now specify the machine name or IP address of the GitCentric bridge host.

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