AccuRev GitCentric is a bridge between two worlds:

  • The open source Git revision control system.
  • The Enterprise-capable AccuRev source control management (SCM) system.

Git is popular with many developers for its simplicity and speed. However, professional enterprises need more control and scalability for their large investment in intellectual property. Many developers prefer AccuRev's interface; release engineers require AccuRev's stream architecture for capturing the exact revisions needed for a build environment, and managers require AccuRev's TimeSafe auditability and its ACL-based security.

How does an organization meet these differing requirements and preferences?

AccuRev GitCentric provides enterprises with the solution: developers who embrace Git can continue using Git the same way they do today, while other development groups, release and test engineers, and managers who require AccuRev's power, functionality, and security can work together via the AccuRev GitCentric interface. AccuRev GitCentric also incorporates the open source Gerrit Code Review package for optional code review functionality.

In the most basic terms, Git repository branches are mapped to AccuRev streams, so that the two stay in sync. Changes to the Git repository get transmitted to the AccuRev depot, and changes in the AccuRev depot get transmitted to the Git repository. Updates happen automatically. Git users do not need change their work practices for the AccuRev environment, since AccuRev GitCentric is transparent to them.

AccuRev GitCentric functionality applies to two audiences:

  • Regular users can register themselves, maintain their preferences, and (if implemented at their site) access the optional code review functionality. For details, see User tasks.
  • Administrators can configure and maintain repositories, their security, and their branch mappings to AccuRev streams. For details, see Administrator tasks.

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